Study, Practice, & Service Policies
Our pet grooming and hygiene study, practice and services provide you and your pet a stress free and comfortable experience in a healthy and safe environment. Our expert handling of your dogs grooming and hygiene needs is accomplished using humane handling techniques and respectful communication methods.
We groom by "Appointment Only" so your dog receives the special attention he/she deserves. Appointments lessen the time your dog spends away from you and its home and family. Appointments reduce any separation anxiety issues some pets may experience. Your dog will feel relaxed and safe; kept separated from other pets in a clean comfortable, and secure compartment of their own during each grooming visit.
We use only products, equipment and tools we have reviewed to have a history of safety. Tools, equipment and work areas are regularly cleaned and sanitized by our trained GROOMOLOGY® grooming and handling staff. Drying towels are laundered daily with soap (not harsh detergents) to prevent skin irritations and used only once per dog.

On your first appointment we require documented proof of your dogs vaccination record. A history of your dogs health condition is important.
So after completion of our "Intake Registration and Information Form" a preliminary examine and interview discussion about your dogs special handling needs, health, skin and coat condition, helps us determine a grooming trim suitable for you and your dogs lifestyle.
A more detailed exam of your dogs coat and skin condition is preformed during your dogs comfortable warm (not cold or hot) bath and massaging shampoo; followed by an application of any necessary skin and coat treatments and conditioners.
Hair and coat is towel and  hand fluff blow dried during the brush and comb out. Minor hair mats are humanely brushed out, shedding hair is reduced with a de-shedding process, nails trimmed and filed smooth, hair and debris between paw pads are safely removed and trimmed, ear hair is gently removed and ear canals cleaned, sanitary areas are trimmed; clipping, scissoring and other techniques are used to style your dogs final breed and lifestyle trim. Bandannas and/or Bows and a Report Card advising you of any problems goes home with your pet.
Other Hygiene and Grooming Health Services (upon request)
Anal gland expression (external only)
Vet provided prescription medicated shampoo treatments are applied.

Fleas and Ticks
Our policy regarding flea and tick handling is as follows:
All pets found to have fleas and/or ticks will be bathed in flea and tick shampoos. Dogs considered infested with fleas or ticks will be evaluated to determine if Vet attention may be needed if a pesticide treatment needs to be applied. Otherwise the infestation will be handled with a pesticide dip for an additional fee. Dogs found or suspected during any groom or bath procedure of having any contagious skin condition will be immediately returned to owner for Vet attention and diagnoses.
Grooming Fees
Grooming fees and any possible additional charges are disclosed during the primary exam. Keeping your dog on a regular grooming and hygiene care schedule will not only keep your pet in better condition and healthy, but will prevent additional charges.
Humane Care Considerations
Our policy is, we wont force dogs to submit to stresses caused by lengthy groom sessions or procedures that may aggravate age, joint and/or health related conditions. Dogs with excessive grooming needs require more grooming time per visit that can exhaust a dogs ability to cooperate which can increase discomfort and cause behavior problems. We won't stress your dog physically or emotionally with a lengthy grooming session just to accomplish a perfect groom. Older dogs or dogs with joint problems, health conditions and dogs with problem coats may need maintenance grooms more often. Maintenance groom appointments prevent stress and minimize any discomfort caused by additional time needed for such dogs grooming and hygiene care.
Appointment Policy
If you are unable to keep a pre-set appointment, we request that you let us know ASAP so that we can offer that appointment to someone else's pet that may be on a waiting list.
Yuppie Puppy Studios - GROOMOLOGIST® reserve the right to refuse services and/or discontinue any service procedure based on a dogs temperament or medical condition that may jeopardized the safety and/or health of the pet, other pets, or a member of our GROOMOLOGY® staff.
Hate The Shedding Hair?
Nature designed dogs to shed hair and/or blow undercoat. Shedding and blowing undercoat is a normal process for different coat types and dog breeds. Shedding hair is different than blowing an undercoat. The difference is shedding hair creates a mess for pet owners, where a blowing undercoat creates mating and felting of a dogs coat resulting in discomfort for the dog. Matting is a tangled mess that takes extra time and work during a grooming session. Some dogs due to age and health conditions cannot tolerate the time and work involved in an attempt to save and preserve the length of such a matted coat. Attempting to save matted coats may become stressful and is determined inhumane by our policies; so a shave down may be the only humane grooming procedure for matted coats. Shedding hair and blowing an undercoat happens in stages and periods may vary depending on the dog breed, dogs lifestyle, environment and general health. Regular grooming reduces shedding and the tangling, mating, and felting. Even with the use of professional tools and techniques; only regular grooming can lessen this time intensive process for the dog.
Dear New Clients,
For the protection of your pet, other clients pets and our staff, it is part of our health and safety policy that all pet clients be current on all vaccinations.
Copies must be provided to us for our records before any grooming and/or hygiene services can be provided.

Puppy clients must be current on age-appropriate vaccines

We would like to suggest you consult your pets Veterinarian and have your pet placed on a Flea, Tick and Heart Worm preventative treatment plan.

We appreciate your understanding of these policies as the Health, Safety and Comfort of your pet, other clients pets and our staff is a priority to us!
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Web Site & Social Media - Pet Photo Posting Policy

Yuppie Puppy Studios does not and will not post before and after grooming photos of customers pets.
There can be many reasons why pet owners may need to delay their pets regular grooming.
We are not in the business to publicly embarrass or shame any pet owners delayed grooming care of a pet by posting before and after grooming comparisons.

Yuppie Puppy Studios does not and will not identify pets names, owners names, or pet owners locations with pictures of dogs we might post. We do not do this for the safety and protection of our customers and clients pets.

It's sad but wicked people mine web sites and social media for information not only about children but yes also looking to find and steal pets too.

If you see your pets picture posted and you chose to identify it with yourself; understand you do so at your own and your pets risk.
Those that wish to post photos of their own pet also do so at their own risk

We @ Yuppie Puppy Studios Consider our customers/clients information and pets info to be confidential.
Pet Coloring Policy

Yuppie Puppy Studios,
Will not use any coloring product(s) or coloring procedure(s) to enhance or change a pet’s natural coat - hair - skin color.
Health and safety at Yuppie Puppy Studios will always be the primary concern for customers, pets, and our staff when questionable fads such as coloring animals begin to influence pet owners, pet groomers and the pet grooming service market.